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by Sara Williams

Not Just Another Day In Paradise

Take one Hapa-haole Detective, his Cuban lover, a philandering academic superstar, a suspicious ex-wife with a boy toy, toss in a few unsavory conspirators, stir in an erotic Victorian secret, shake well in the surf of Waikiki, and beat said Detective until done.

     "Watch yourself, John Spyer. This Haverhill business will bite you in the okole. Every move you make as a detective will work against the very client you try not to represent.

     "Set foot once more in the Nuuanu Valley, Spyer, and you put to test one lady you do not deserve. Just who is Maya Menecal to you, John Spyer? Just what she feel when she find out who you been in love with all these years? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah? Spyer, brah. Bring Madam some gin?"
     One Big Itch is set in Honolulu, the whimsical tropical city that also is haunted, as Detective John 'Oluhana Maalaea Spyer well knows. Spyer happens to be one haunted man. Too bad Spyer is a hapa haole (ha-pa how-lee) a half white, who only half listens when Madam Pele, Hawaii's mercurial fire goddess, warns him off the Randolph Haverhill case.

     No decent Hawaiian ever says no to an old friend, which makes Spyer the quintessential "soft-boiled" detective. Despite Madam P.'s warning, Spyer investigates the murder of his childhood pal Randy Haverhill, opening his own psychic wounds and putting the love of his mainland girlfriend Maya to the test.

     Spyer is soon privy to a frightening tale of obsessive loves. Trouble is, Randy Haverhill became too popular with the ladies for his own good. One of Randy's crazed lovers shot Randy on his doorstep. That's just about the only thing Randy HAverhill's current and ex wives agree upon.

     So why do the police insist in the notion that Randy was murdered by his own son?
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One Big Itch is the third, and latest, novel by mystery author Sara Williams.

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